About Us

In the Land of Snarkington, you’ll find everything from handmade soaps to hats for cats. We’re in this for the smiles!


A boutique that refuses to take itself too seriously.


Longmont's premier source of love and laughter.

Meet Duchess Snarkington

Gifts are a special break from the norm. That’s why Snarkington’s has gifts for all occasions – birthdays, anniversaries, congratulations, and even bereavement. If your sense of humor refuses to grow up, you’re in good company! We’re at the corner of “aww” and “OMG”, with sweet gifts and snarky treasures for everyone on your list. Whether you need a greeting card, a funny pair of socks, or the perfect piece of jewelry – we have you covered.

Store Hours

Tuesday – 11-4
Wednesday 11-6
Thursday 11-6
Friday 11-6
Saturday 11-6
Sunday 11-4
Snarkington's Gifts!

Our gifts are Purrfect!

What We're about

Snarkington’s isn’t a joke shop. It’s a life shop – a reflection of the world around us. The good, the bad, and what we really want to say. Life isn’t Twitter feeds and Instagram filters. It’s the things that touch our hearts and make us laugh! That’s why our products are so special –  they’re a true representation of this crazy thing we call “life”.


Might as well have fun with it, right?

Get to know our fearless leader

We no longer have an e-commerce option. There was too much cool inventory to keep up! That means you gotta bring your butt down here and see us in person!