Support for the Bessons

Please support alicia & Oaken beeson

Alicia and Oaken are the coolest cats around offering their talents, time, and energy to the Longmont community. Oaken is the den leader with his son’s boy scouts group. Husband and wife team with XSEED video and motion graphics kick ass and take names. Their latest endeavor, Wispy Greens, is delivering fresh nutrient rich microgreens to their community through produce that is grown in their hydroponic system on their farm.

They’ve both given so much of their hearts to this community. Let’s help them!

What happened?

There was a bitch of a fire that burnt their house down along with all of their belongings in late April 2021.

We have no more details at this time.

How to Help

Donate Gift Cards

Have some gift cards laying around? Donate them to Alicia and Oaken so they can purchase what they need. .. Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Amazon, Grocery Stores, etc.

Auction Items

Let's raise some money for the Beesons! We will be hosting a fundraiser in the near future, stay tuned. For now, consider donating your unused items for auction. Are you a business owner? How about offering some gift certificates, SWAG, or other sellable items to raise money.

Take Them a Meal

Let's fill their tummies with homecooked deliciousness! This app will allow proper spacing of food delivery - sign up for a time slot.

The Family


Drop off items to:

Have a question?

We are still learning about the details about what happened. If you would like to help out, drop us a line.

this page is organized by friends of the Beeson Family