Best Sellers

Wanna hear about one of our very favorite vendors? Alright, buckle up – here’s what we have to say about Twisted Wares!

What do we love so damn much?

Humor meets quality. The Hang-Tight towels are as sturdy as they are clever, which is saying a lot since they’re hilarious! The fact that they actually stay put truly sets them apart from other towels, funny or otherwise. The oven mitts and potholders are awesome as well – and thick enough to ensure you won’t burn your pretty little hands! We’re also pretty head over heels when it comes to the aprons, which are more utility than novelty. That’s saying a lot, considering the fact that the crowd favorite literally says “Fuckity Fuck Fuck”.

Hashtag Momlife. Knowing the story of the founder, Missy (who was inspired by her son’s obsession with pulling down the dish towel) makes our customer’s reactions even better. Whether the kids are still underfoot causing chaos, sulky teens, or all grown up, it seems like the biggest fans of Twisted Wares are moms. It’s easy to imagine why the Ringmaster of the Shitshow aprons and towels hit hardest, so we’ll just leave it at that.

Exciting new shit! We’re super stoked about the new bold and colorful patterns Twisted Wares is hitting us with. Get ready to see a lot more color alongside sweet and sweary sentiments, ‘cuz we’re obsessed. The new patterned dish towels are our current favorite, pairing gorgeous retro-inspired patterns with Missy’s oh-so-daring humor. The results are fanfuckingtastic, trust us.

The bottom line. There’s a reason we’re constantly restocking our Twisted Wares stuff: it’s not just our favorite. It might just be the biggest source of laughter in the shop, which is the whole reason we’re here. So, we’re psyched to have found a company to supply us with wares that are truly… well, Twisted.