Wanna hear about one of our very favorite vendors? Alright, buckle up – here’s what we have to say about Twisted Wares!

What do we love so damn much?

Humor meets quality. The Hang-Tight towels are as sturdy as they are clever, which is saying a lot since they’re hilarious! The fact that they actually stay put truly sets them apart from other towels, funny or otherwise. The oven mitts and potholders are awesome as well – and thick enough to ensure you won’t burn your pretty little hands! We’re also pretty head over heels when it comes to the aprons, which are more utility than novelty. That’s saying a lot, considering the fact that the crowd favorite says “Fuckity Fuck Fuck”.

Hashtag Momlife. Knowing the story of the founder, Missy (who was inspired by her son’s obsession with pulling down the dish towel) makes our customer’s reactions even better. Whether their kids are still underfoot causing chaos, sulky teens, or all grown up, it seems like the biggest fans of Twisted Wares are moms. It’s easy to imagine why the Ringmaster of the Shitshow aprons and towels hit hardest, so we’ll just leave it at that.

Exciting new shit! We’re super stoked about the new bold and colorful patterns Twisted Wares is hitting us with. Get ready to see a lot more color alongside sweet and sweary sentiments, ‘cuz we’re obsessed. The new patterned dish towels are our current favorite, pairing gorgeous retro-inspired patterns with Missy’s oh-so-daring humor. The results are fanfuckingtastic, trust us.

The bottom line. There’s a reason we’re constantly restocking our Twisted Wares stuff: it’s not just our favorite. It might just be the biggest source of laughter in the shop, which is the whole reason we’re here. So, we’re psyched to have found a company to supply us with wares that are truly… well, Twisted.



Our stationery selection is pretty impressive, but some brands stick out. One of them is Cactus Club Paper Goods, and here’s why:

Creative critters! We love our furry friends, so Cactus Club’s animal-centric designs are an obvious favorite. From cats and dogs to stingrays and hedgehogs, there’s a wealth of colorful cards and stickers for anyone that loves animals. While they also have gorgeous nature-themed goodies, we’re a little biased…

Stickers on stickers. We’re serious about our sticker game here at Snarkington’s. A ton of our favorites come from Cactus Club! The painterly style paired with unconventional subjects like axolotls and capybaras makes them more than worthy of any water bottle or car. It doesn’t hurt that they’re high quality and down to stick (ha) around, no matter where they end up.  

Made in the USA. It’s icing on the cake to know that Cactus Club Paper Goods products are made in the United States. ‘nuff said. 

Our best-selling accessory brand is definitely Chala, and we know why. Here’s a few things that make their bags and wallets a cut above the rest.

Good for animals. It’s no secret that we love animals, so it’s natural that we love Chala! They have a ton of whimsical animal-centric designs, and they go the extra mile by donating a portion of their profits to support animals directly. To boot, their bags are all 100% vegan!

Built to last. Chala bags are survivors! They can take a serious beating, no matter what material you choose to fall in love with. We’ve seen plenty of Chala bags stick around for years, including our own!

Functional and fun. The folks at Chala put a lot of thought into making their bags work for you. With cleverly placed pockets and adjustable straps, these handbags and wallets keep your organization game on point! Several styles feature RFID protection technology to keep your cards extra-safe. With versatile styles and unique designs, you’ll find yourself a hell of a bag.

5 Ways to Make Holiday Shopping NOT Suck

Some of us started our Christmas shopping in July. Let’s just assume that you aren’t one of those people. Good news: holiday shopping doesn’t have to make you hate your life. In fact, you can actually have fun with it! No matter how big of a grinch you are, you can get through the Christmas season stress-free. Who knows, your heart might just grow a couple sizes! (Please don’t sue us, whoever owns that intellectual property.)


  1. Get organized

Santa’s literally a mythical being and he still needs a shopping list. You think you’re better than the man with the bag? Get those ideas out of your brain and onto some paper (or your phone!) so you can keep track. Save yourself from the shame of forgetting your brother’s girlfriend… again. You can go as basic or as thorough as you want with it, but we suggest writing down the names and gifts. That way, you can save some effort by strategizing shopping trips.

But let’s get real, you’re gonna get everything at Snarkington’s, right?   


  1. Get your act together and stop procrastinating

Time for some tough love. You can organize all you want, but it doesn’t count ‘til you get off your ass! Just like anything: if you put it off, you’re going to dread it. Don’t let going shopping intimidate you. Ain’t nothin’ to it but to do it, dudes!


  1. Actually think about the recipient

Everything is more fun when you know you’re nailing it, and holiday shopping is no exception. If you pay attention to your friends and family, you’ll be able to snag something that is so very “them”. When you’re shopping for “blah” gifts, you’re going to feel “blah” about it, and you’re going to get a “blah” response.

Didn’t your sister say she wanted to get into journaling? Give her a pretty notebook and some pens! Boom. Your wife almost made you crash the car because she saw a dog; snag her some socks that say so. Mom’s all the way across the country? How about an ornament handmade in Colorado? You see where we’re going with this.

Christmas gifts aren’t about winning, but that’s no reason to keep yourself from feeling victorious.


  1. Put yourself on your list

Why the hell not? If your budget allows, get yourself something special. Got an off-the-radar purchase you’ve been holding off on? Treat yo’ self! Just because it’s from you and to you doesn’t mean you can’t wrap your own Christmas present and stick it under the tree. You’re an adult, damn it! If that’s too extra for you, consider dropping a little somethin’ into your stocking. Tis the season of delayed gratification! You’ll have more fun than you think. Which brings us to…


  1. Don’t take things too seriously

Not everyone is the target demographic for goofy goods, but the fun-loving folks on your list will appreciate some silly. Life is about the little things, and what better way to lighten the mood than finding a pickle finger puppet in your stocking? The best things in life are… pretty dumb, honestly. Bring an off-the-wall Creepy Horse Head ornament to the office ornament exchange. Disgust everyone and offer a box of kale candy canes as your white elephant gift. Sure, nobody’s gonna fight over it, but they’re certainly going to laugh. And isn’t that the greatest gift of all?