Gift Guide

We have some great ideas for gifts for pet lovers, parents, bookworms, teachers, artists, and everyone in your life that deserves something special. It’s never been so easy to find the perfect unique gift. Check our gift guide out and let us help you!



Pet Lovers

Curated for pet lovers, by pet lovers – these gifts are perfect for the animal lovers in your life! From flair to flaunt their pet parenthood to quirky pet-themed home goods, there’s something for every pet lover on your list. It doesn’t even matter if they’re a “cat person” or “dog person”.

Gifts for Bookworms

The perfect gift for your bookworm friend is just a “page” away! These literary-themed gifts will make them as happy as they are when they curl up with a good book. You know you’ll satisfy your well-read pal with some swag to let the world know they’re prose pros.

Gift for Art Lovers

These gifts are sure to gain the favor of the “artiste” in your life. Artsy friend have never been easier to shop for! Also, there’s a bunch of Bob Ross stuff in this collection. That’s enough to make anyone as happy as the man himself when he cleans his brushes.

Uplifting Gifts

Know someone that needs a pick-me-up? This upbeat collection is full of optimistic, inspirational affirmations. Check out these unique positive gift ideas to show a little extra love to someone who needs it! A little show of kindness can make a big difference.

With Love From Colorado

We can’t all be lucky enough to live in Colorado! Send a little love from CO to someone special in your life. Here you’ll find a collection of cool gifts that represent the Centennial State. Make sure to check out our “Local” section, too! It’s full of handcrafted creations – all made in Colorado.

Gifts for Friendship

Friendship is a gift in and of itself, but sometimes you gotta go the extra mile. These gifts are perfect for your bestie… and anyone else in life you call “friend”! There’s never been an easier way to make a beautiful friendship even more rewarding.

Gifts for Teachers

Teaching ain’t easy! These gifts are a great way to show appreciation to the teachers in your life. Whether they’ve taught you, your kid, or someone else – they’ll love the recognition.

Gifts for Dad

Don’t forget about Dad! Mom isn’t the only one that deserves something special. This collection of gifts for dads is filled with thoughtful little ways to let Dad know you care. From fun to heartfelt, you’ll be sure to find something great for your dad.

Gifts for Daughters

Let her know she’ll always be your little girl and get your daughter something special! These sweet and sentimental gifts are a great way to share the love with your daughter.

Gifts for Brothers & Sisters

Show some love to your sibling(s) with this curated collection of goodies for both sisters and brothers. They put up with you – they deserve something for it!

Gifts for Healthcare Workers

Especially since the shitstorm that was 2020, healthcare workers have deserved a special sort of gratitude. This gift-guide is sure to be a “life-saver” when searching for the perfect gift for the medical professionals in your life!

Gifts for Grandparents

Parents are cool, but you know who’s cooler? Grandparents. The ones in your life deserve to know how “grand” you think they are! These special gifts for grandparents are sure to warm hearts and win smiles.