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Snarkington's is the coolest gift store in Downtown Longmont (a few doors north of Dickens 300 Prime). The portrait studio is located inside! To get specific, we're at 324 Main Street - front entrance.



Email us if you need more information or book with Lisa today! How are we so awesome? Some days, we wonder the same thing.


Who are you? Well, that's something we'll discover during our portrait session. Who is Lisa Patchem? Just a fellow entrepreneur with a background in the arts, namely photography, for the past 20+ years. Has a degree and everything, but paper doesn't mean much. Check out the testimonials below from our current and past happy customers!



You know it's been too long since your last professional portrait. You need an update! Book with Lisa Patchem for your Longmont business headshot needs. All portraits are done in studio. Lisa is no longer offering outdoor portraits at this time. There are a million other photographers in the front range area that specialize in beautiful outdoor Colorado portraits (it's hard to make a bad photo around here!) we can recommend names if you need.



Bookings are available two days out of the week - Sundays and Mondays. (The rest of the week, it's an awesome fun gift shop:) Most headshots are completed within 48 hours, depending on how long you need to choose your selection. Family portraits take a bit longer - a few weeks depending on what products were ordered. (Stupid COVID has delayed a lot of supply chains)

How about other types of photography?

Are you looking for photography on location, weddings, events, etc.? We do not at this time. If you're extra-nice, we might be able to do some kick-ass commercial product photography - but that will cost an extra payment of a bottle of wine. Your choice of red or white. We're flexible.

What do I wear?

Headshots: wear solid colors and avoid white, unless it's an undershirt. Always bring a shawl, blazer or jacket. Have green or blue eyes? Wear blue, green, purple shirt. Brown eyes? Dark colors are best. Black is always in style but we might be biased. Ladies: wear a 3/4 sleeve top if not wanting to wear a blazer or jacket. ...and for the love of God, make sure the clothes are pressed and brought on hangers! Don't worry, we have a private changing room & bathroom available. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? In the end, it’s concluded that the airspeed velocity of a (European) unladen swallow is about 24 miles per hour or 11 meters per second. Sauce: here

What will I get?

Please tell us right away if you have a specific need - i. e. file format (TIFF, PNG, etc), color profile, or licensing need (typically a graphic artist or designer will tell you what they need for your website/flyer/business card). Licensing for book covers and published work require special appointments and contracts. Longmont Headshots: You will receive two digital retouched files - one FULL RESOLUTION (for printing) and the other LOW RESOLUTION (this is the one you'll use for online applications like LinkedIn and social media). Plus a licensing agreement. Longmont Family Portraits: there are no session fees! Pay only for the products you take home. Our basic package includes a 16x20 canvas print and 5 digital files for online sharing. A la carte items are available for purchase after that! We try and make everything easy and straight forward.

What about retouching?

Heck yeah! Lisa Patchem is no stranger to Adobe Creative Suite (that includes Photoshop y'all). In fact, that is how she got started in photography many moons ago! Every printed portrait includes light retouching that you just can't get with other photographers. Don't worry about blemishes, dark circles, yellowed teeth, the occasional wrinkle, or flyaway hairs - Lisa's got you covered. Sometimes, however, there are more things that need to be corrected and that comes at $40 an hour for professional medium to heavy retouching. Keep the price down by:
- Ironing clothes and bringing said clothes on hangers (not crumbled up in a bag!)
- Removing lint and pet hair with a roller beforehand (we love our cat hair but it's a terrible look in portraits!)
- Ladies - get your hair professionally done that day! Or at least cover those roots the week of the session, Guys- get your hair cut two-five days before the session.
- Go a bit heavier on the make up (the camera can make you look washed out), Guys- be prepared that Lisa might put makeup on you! Just covering the forehead glare - we swear.

"...Lisa made the experience fun and painless, and the picture we selected was the very best version of me..."

David A. Attorney

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