AFTER: Divorce


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AFTER: Divorce
Grief is loss.

Each AFTER: Divorce Candle is delivered in a recycled material box with a 6oz aromatherapy candle, matches, a custom 2×2″ card with thoughtful messages.

Benefits: non-GMM soy wax, 100% pure essentials of rosemary, tea tree & mint, 100% natural organic coconut oil, 100% pure cotton wick, low soot emission, synthetic-free, vegan, burns for approximately 45 hours, made in the U.S.

Scents: rosemary, tea tree, and mint.

From the AFTER website:
“I crafted AFTER: Divorce because grief can happen without death.

It’s impossible to process difficult situations if we refuse to acknowledge them. We’ve got to be willing to be there for one another during painful times, no matter what they are.

Grief is the act of processing loss, and life is not the only thing that can be lost. The pain of losing “life as we know it” deserves acknowledgment. When life unravels, there is a before. And, of course, there is an after.

I created AFTER: Divorce because I wanted to empower women dealing with the reality of their marriage ending. I wanted to honor grief that happens without literal death. I wanted to offer comfort to those feeling lost, hurt, and lonely.

This candle honors the strength it takes to rebuild a life.”