Brain-Boosting Coloring Book


A book for doodlers and Zentangle enthusiasts by Ben Kwok and Kati Erney. Rendered illustrations can be colored with pencils, markers, pens or watercolors. Give your brain a little exercise and get coloring!

Ben Kwok’s amazing TangleEasy design templates inspire doodlers and Zentangle(R) enthusiasts all over the world. Now Ben and talented DO Magazine artist Kati Erney have teamed up to create exciting new coloring books just for you! Color This! Brain-Boosting Coloring Designs is packed with exquisite drawings that you can use to engage your mind and access your inner wisdom. Coloring has been shown to improve mood, sharpen concentration, and enhance cognitive performance.

Inside you’ll find dozens of illustrations packed with this boosting-brain power, ready to color with pencils, markers, pens, gel pens, or watercolors. Ben starts you on your coloring journey with helpful information on tools and color theory, plus easy-to-follow advice on shading, blending, and layering. An inspiring full-color gallery shows how to give the same design a completely different look just by altering your color selections.

80 pages.