Cat Glasses Backpack


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Who doesn’t want a shiny backpack with a cat?

Made from waterproof shinny skai and reinforced with canvas at the connection points for an extra long life.
A nice large rectangular compartment for efficiently storing things and inside a small zippered compartment for safe storage of your wallet or phone.
Finished with nylon on the inside and therefore very easy to keep clean.
The outside is made of laminated cotton, so you combine a razor-sharp print with the positive properties of plastic; water resistant, scratch resistant and easy to clean.
The zippers are in matching colors and have a somewhat coarser structure and therefore do not get stuck quickly.
On the corners and edges of the bag a very sturdy, impact-resistant piping made of shiny plastic. This way you protect the beautiful bag from bumps and scratches.
On the front a large front pocket with zipper, the print continues in the box and on the front finished with nylon.
Nice ‘thick’ box so that it really fits in, sunglasses, a can of soda, scarf and gloves!

9.8″ l x 5.9″ w x 13.7″ h