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Palo Santo, also called “Holy Wood”, is used for purification and cleansing purposes. This highly fragrant wood is burned to produce calming and relaxing aromas. It is used to inspire creativity and evoke blessings of love and good fortune.

It is burned in a manner, and for purposes, similar to that of sage bundles. 

How to use your palo santo
(First things first: make sure you have a safe place to set down your palo santo stick! Choose something flame-resistant (like stone or ceramics). Stay away from rubber, paper, and other flammable materials. You may wish to select a vessel with special significance to you.) 

  • Set your intention! This is the core and driving force that produces results. All effects/results/etc will come forth from the seed planted in your own mind.
  • Open a door or window. This keeps the room from getting too smoky and also opens a pathway for negative energies/entities to exit. 
  • Light one end of the palo santo stick. Hold it at a 45-degree angle, pointing down the tip (toward the flame). It may be easier to use an open flame (like a candle.)
  • Let it burn for 30 seconds to a minute or so before blowing out the flame. At that point, it will smolder and produce smoke. Carefully light the end again if the smoke stops before you’re ready. You can also gently blow on the embers at the end to keep the fire fed. 
  • Waft the smoke through whichever space you feel the need to cleanse. Don’t forget: you are holding a burning object! It might be a good idea to hold a small fireproof dish beneath to catch any ashes/embers. 
  • Once you’ve moved through your space, place your palo santo stick upon the safe surface you selected in the beginning. You can allow it to slowly go out on its own. 

Feel free to set positive intentions upon the completion of your ritual.


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