Protection Bottle Pendant – Black Tourmaline/Selenite


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This little glass bottle may be small, but it’s packed with lots of magic! Filled with small bits of black tourmaline and slivers of selenite, a dash of natural mica adds an extra-magical sparkle. Wear to ward off bad vibes and keep a sense of positivity close to your heart – or hang from a special place in your home or car. It comes on a length of tied natural hemp cord for easy wear/hanging, but can easily be hung differently! 

The bottle measures approx. 1.25″ x .75″.
Cork is sealed for security. 

Handcrafted in Longmont, CO.

The artist’s story: 

“When I handle black tourmaline and selenite, some rougher pieces tend to “shed”, leaving little shards and slivers behind. I hate to waste anything, especially such magical minerals! That’s when I remembered the cute little glass bottle pendants my husband gifted me – so I decided to combine the two and this was the result! I threw in some mica, because… sparkles, ya know?” 


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