Resin Incense


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Each packet contains 1/2oz of resin incense.

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How to burn resin incense

  • You may want to begin by opening a window or door. Resin incense creates quite a lot of smoke! The opening of windows/doors during cleansing rituals is also a way to create exit pathways for any negative energy you would like to cast out. 
  • Fill the inside of your charcoal burner/cauldron/dish with sand, ash, or salt. This is to absorb the heat of the charcoal. You can utilize a burner with a grate (which we offer). 
  • Light the charcoal completely – and be careful! The safest way to do this is to use your tongs. Pick up the charcoal tablet with your tongs and stick it straight to a flame source until it ignites. You can do this using a candle or other open flame.
  • Place your lit charcoal tablet onto the ash/salt/sand that you have put in your burner or dish. 
  • Sprinkle a small spoonful of the resin incense onto the charcoal. You don’t need much! 
  • At this point, feel free to incorporate ritual into your practice. If you feel so inclined, speak mantras or chant things that you find meaningful. Set your intentions and allow yourself to move into that head-space. Alternatively, you can just burn it for pleasure! 

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