Scarlett the Brown Owl Stained Glass Window Panel


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This owl has some lush lashes. This panel is designed with 46 individual stained glass cuts in striated blue and purples, textured browns and buttery yellows. Each panel comes with a decorative hanging chain for support and strength so that you can easily install it and enjoy. This 11.5″”H vertical stained glass panel is perfect for your home office, kitchen window or dining room space.

OWL DESIGN: A lady with lush lashes. This owl is designed with 46 individual glass cuts in vibrant blues, yellows and browns.

REAL STAINED GLASS: This piece has been soldered together using the copper foil method, made famous by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the early 1900s. A variety of glass types are used, including rippled and striated glass for added detail and dimension. The beauty of stained glass is its transformation of brightness and allure when illuminated by natural light.