This Meeting is Bullshit Socks


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You’re trapped in another meeting that could’ve been an e-mail… if only the world were less cruel. They didn’t even provide food. Your brain starts to fade away as you question the life choices that brought you to this hell. Then, like a shining star, your memory chimes in: “you’re wearing the socks”. Sure, you can’t say how you feel out loud, but your quiet dissent is enough. You meet eyes with your favorite coworker and discreetly pull up the bottom of your pants, revealing the well-known truth. “This is total BS.” In the seemingly-endless bland pain-fest, you have brought joy, and that is enough to get you through.

Fits women’s shoe size 5-10.
69% combed cotton; 30% nylon; 1% spandex.

1% of the sale of all Blue Q socks supports the humanitarian work of Doctors Without Borders.