Snarkington’s exists to bring laughter and love to Longmont.
If your sense of humor refuses to grow up, you’re in good company! We’re dedicated to keeping that spirit alive through humor and the beauty being unapologetically “you.” Fun is important, so we want to share it! We hope you’ll keep it going by giving gifts that make the people in your life stop and take a moment to enjoy life. Gifts are a special break from the norm. That’s why Snarkington’s has gifts for all occasions – birthdays, anniversaries, congratulations, and even bereavement. There’s something special to us about keeping it real – from being emotionally honest during tough times to holding on to your sixth-grade sense of humor. There’s “aww” and “omg” in one place, with sweet gifts and snarky treasures for everyone on your list. Whether it’s a greeting card, a funny pair of socks, or the perfect piece of jewelry – we have you covered. In the Land of Snarkington, you’ll find everything ranging from handmade soaps to hats for cats. So come, browse, see, smell, and be merry!

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